Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greek Life Impacts The University of Bridgeport

A campus that has been heavily impacted by Greek life is the University of Bridgeport.  Alpha Kappa Alpha president Kenisha Dennis said, “On April 18, 2010 the Beta Iota chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha was charted.” since then Greek life has been increasingly growing with other organizations. These organizations include Sigma Gamma Rho sorority Inc, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, and Chi Upsilon Sigma Latin Sorority Inc. Although, Greek life had a positive impact since coming onto campus, there are still skeptical students because of the negative stereotypes of Greeks.

Greeks are giving back to the community of UB but there are some students who still believe sororities are detrimental to a college campus.  Crystal Brunson, a junior attending University of Bridgeport questions the influence that the new leaders on campus have. “I sometimes feel that the Greeks on campus isolate themselves because they are Greeks, “Brunson said. One concern for Brunson is reputation many sororities have when it comes to initiation rites. “I also always worry about hazing. We see it we here and there are the stories in the media. We see hazing causing deaths and people don’t like to talk about that stuff but I am always concerned about other people, especially at UB, because the campus is now evolving.”

Sigma Gamma Rho of UB
In response to negative concerns held by the student body about sororities Symphoni Samuels, a member of Sigma Gamma Rho wrote in an email interview, “I would say we don’t isolate ourselves. We are really cool with meeting new people."  Samuels continued, "But I don’t really think it's Greeks that isolate themselves from the rest of campus. I believe that most people feel like they can’t talk to us, so they don’t come and talk to us. To me I honestly think that Greeks blend with everyone. We are still regular people."

What are the positives of Greek life? “Positives of having Greek Life on campus are that you are able to help out the community in areas it’s needed. It's a good influence to the community and campus life.”

Kareem Freckleton, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, believes members of fraternities do make a difference. “Members affiliated with Greek life impact students in different ways, whether it's by strolling or doing community service,” wrote Freckleton in an email.

Aside from the skeptical students, there are others who believe Greek life makes a great impact. Tara Drinks student at UB said, “I think that Greek Life has impacted campus life in a positive way. Greek Life has left the students on campus with a great sense of energy and eagerness to become more involved and want to learn more about these fraternities and sororities.”

Kareem Freckleton also wrote, “Greek life at UB has brought some light to the campus of UB. People are more interactive and students have more programs, events and parties to look forward too.  Each organization provides a forum for students to develop skills in a wide range of areas.” 

Simone Leiva alumni of UB wrote, “I think that Greek life is still growing on the campus but it has definitely made a huge difference.  A lot of students are now more involved on campus.”

Even with Critics and skeptics it is apparent that without sororities and fraternity impacting campus that UB would not be reaching its full potential as a University. With positive Greek life flourishing the chapters shall live on at the University of Bridgeport.


Alpha Phi Alpha of UB Strolling

Kenisha Dennis President of Alpha Kappa Alpha 
The men of Lambda Sigma Upsilon

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