Wednesday, December 18, 2013


If you know me than you know I am obsessed with Mac Miller not only is he attractive he is a musical genius YES I SAID IT MAC MILLER IS A MUSICAL GENUIS. He is creative just look at this album live from space how many rappers can actual rap over a jazz beat not to mention the Internet is dope. He has come a long way from K.I.D.S which I am also a fan of this new album is dope not only if you love creativity Mac Miller but if you love music period. He is doing something that a lot of rappers are not doing these days which is think outside of the box. Support Mac Miller link below I definitely am coping this album as I have did watching movies with the sound off. We have to support dope music he started from just a kid with big dreams and now look at him. SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC. Check out the new album Live From Space link to the right of the new cd

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