Thursday, January 9, 2014


I have been job hunting all week long I got 3 call back interviews.. good things right.... 1st one was too far  in Alexandria, Virginia it went well they gave me a round two interview in Woodbridge, VA now assuming you are from the DMV area you know how far that is.... I DO NOT DRIVE... so it sucked. Then I got a call back from a place in Manassas, VA enough said. The Nova Group  called me back and it was in Falls Church which I can reach and was willing to travel too but they wanted me to drive.

Finally, I get a call from a marketing company in Silver Spring called ACE MARKETING interview went well and I got invited to come out for a second interview and job shadowing. Now, I was asked did I want to work in a office or go out and interact with people. I wanted to go out interact I am good at that but if I knew that meant never going back to the office, standing in the cold, spending a lot of train money traveling back and forth was not what I expected.

On this second interview I was paired with someone name Andre he was so Great and a Trainee name John, Laura the woman who interviewed me had a great personality . I told Andre I attended Trinity Washington University and another staff member says "THAT SCHOOL IS SO GHETTO" I just said that isn't very nice to say when I really wanted to say hey dude F off do you realize that "Ghetto school" is were Ms. Nancy Pelosi graduated from in 1962 and MANY WOMEN OF HER status also graduated from. I did not say anything but I felt he said it because it is a urban and all women school. I do not know if he was joking but first impression really are everything. I should have said something I learned you have to ignore ignorant people. So we go and I learn about this company they work with care and Children Fund to help children in Africa and impoverished countries.

Now I minor in international affairs and I like giving back but (there is a BIG BUT) I did not know that I was basically going out to canvas for the charities to get them funds. When someone says interacting with people I do not necessarily think of collecting funding for a charity. I thought that we would go out there for a while to get people informed and  discuss ways to raise money. I am more of promotional events social media person so it was my mistake for not asking in depth my fought.

It was freezing outside and these people stay out there until 7 at night. Although, that one guy was a Jerk. I LEARNED THAT THESE PEOPLE WORK HARD FOR THEIR MONEY, THEY WORK HARD FOR THE CHARITIES AND THEY DO DESERVE MORE OF OUR TIME. NOW YOU maybe SKEPTICAL as I was but watching them interact and get passionate about funding was great. they get money for how many people sign up to donate to the charity and they also get salaries (not a lot). The point of this was to say when you see people canvasing at least give them the time of day if you can. THEY WORK HARD TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD AND MOST OF THEM DO NOT MAKE MUCH.... JOB WAS NOT FOR ME OBVIOUSLY BUT I DEFINETLY SUPPORT THERE EFFORTS. KEEP FIGHTING THE FIGHT.

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