Wednesday, February 5, 2014


How many of us know a "Rapper" ? That Rapper We All Know .. they talk about how there going to put on for the city, how DC talent is not recognized but honestly cannot spit to save their life or they talk about what they want to do or are going to do  but do nothing to actual further their careers. We all know  that  "Rapper".
Well Visto is not that rapper he is an artist. If you don't know now you do. Visto is an upcoming DC artist with songs like "How That Pu**y Taste".
He has an album out titled "Before Euphoria" and recently performed at the Fillmore.
On instagram he posted videos of himself giving out tickets to his many supporters and he is back at with his new video titled  "Witcha". (Check out the video here)
I support him not only because he is taking a different approach to rap unlike many of rappers that I personally know  he is creative and beyond that he is out here grinding doing shows, selling tickets, showing that hard work will pay off and he is certainly making a name for himself.
So support his movement #HippieLifeKrew
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