Sunday, February 2, 2014

White woman talks about how envious a black woman is of her body
So I read this blog post (link above)
... about this white woman "yoga girl" who believes a black woman .. the only black woman in her yoga class is envious of her body because she is skinny and the black woman is heavier. (Fyi I love her blog post link above). This is my take on it. I find it very ignorant of this white woman to think that a black woman wants her body because she is super skinny... little do you know most black women research shows (Yes research I wrote about this in my senior thesis paper) that black women embrace curves and the big booties that most of us are able to have and all that we have to offer. Black woman do not wish to be skinny but most of us wish to have the curves that Beyonce' Jennifer Lopez have. To be toned and healthy with curves is what black women want not to be extremely skinny.  So believe me "YOGA GIRL" this black woman was not  envious of you and she was not there to be skinny but possibly just feel better and also clear her mind (the point of yoga). This black woman you said you felt sad for  probably felt sad for you too because you felt the need to write a blog about a woman you do not know and had the nerve to think she actually was envious of you. She did not even speak to the woman she just assumed and we all know that assumptions lead to people making asses out of themselves. FYI to say that black men want white women because they are skinny is not only offense to black women but it is also offensive to white women. Men of any color should want you for you not just your weight. That's like me saying white men want black women because we are shapely and black men want white women because they are curious. So to YOGA GIRL whoever you may be please make yourself knowledgeable before making ignorant assumptions.

On that note bye creeps

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