Friday, September 4, 2015

My review of Trillectro 2015

This was my first time every being at Trillectro especially as press. I was super excited that I would have access to artist for interviews. (LET’S JUST SAY THINGS DID NOT GO AS PLANNED). It took us (by us I mean myself and CoCo Louie) a good 20 minutes to find the media tents at the venue which was at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. 
Finally, we find the media tent and it's an easy check in process. When I got there I did not realize this place was on a slanted hill. I had on a wedge and I thought today is the day I die. 
Anyways, I see Mountain Dew giving out these kick start drinks; which I heard were good. I didn’t try it because I saw this dope ass graffiti canvas that we could spray paint on. There was a green room where literally the seats were grass and you could play ball and hop in the photo booth which I thought was cool.. 
In the beginning, there were not that many people and I was wondering whether or not this would affect my Trillectro experience. With me was CoCo Louie, dope blogger I call friend and with whom I work with, as well as Ryl, a dope ass photographer, and Tom (Ryl’s really cute friend lol).
The day proceeded and I was introduced to new artists I had never heard of. Masego was one of them and I instantly fell in love with his music. He describes his genre as Trap Jazz and I dig it. I think it was because his sound was unique. This guy had a live band and he played a saxophone (one of my favorite instruments). He did poetry; he was just a dope individual. Myself and CoCo Louie wanted to interview him, so she spotted one of his photographers who said he would talk to him. Time passed and we did not hear back from him. More time passed and we thought time was up until we saw Masego in the crowd while D.R.A.M performing. We actually got to interview him (coming soon). He was super sweet and down to earth. Appreciate him.
 Now our main (myself and CoCo Louie) objective for Trillectro was to interview artists, listen to music and enjoy positive vibes amongst the people and our friends. Let’s just say when Kehlani hit the stage my vibes went away. She was great and amazing but I damn near got slapped in the face and knocked over because people wanted to get to her.  I bowed out and let CoCo Louie sing her heart out. Girls going through break ups be like yasssss Kehlani. I stepped to the back and rocked out there.
There were so many headliners I wanted to talk to that just didn’t give us the time of day. ME: Hey I am a local writer and blogger dream chasing. Publicist: one after another shot down my dreams of corresponding. “At this time we are not interested”, “Unfortunately the artist isn’t available for interview” and my favorite one, no response at all. 
The upside to this was we met Debra Lee from BET. UMMM sorta. We stared at her for the longest time waiting to pounce. I had a beer in my hand (She is never hiring me). So louie walks up to her, scares her, apologizes for scaring her and I slowly walk up behind her. Louie hands Debra her business card and I said “I am sorry we recognized you and we just had to say something.” She was with her family at this festival what the hell were we thinking?! Besides chase these dreams and this is freaking Debra Lee. She didn’t say much she took the card smiled and said it was nice meeting you. She was very kind.
I really wanted to interview Chance the rapper (It didn't happen damn you chance lol).  I contacted his people a couple of times but got nothing. I was heartbroken. The day I had planned in my head just didn’t go my way. (Fetty Wap voice).
We didn’t give up though. Using those press passes, we got into the VIP section (Sorry Trillectro bring me back next year to host) and stood right by the back stage entrance. I told Louie I said, “I’m going to go for it screw it” just then D.R.A.M walks backstage and instead of being like “I WANTED A INTERVIEW MR. CHA CHA MAN salsa dance”. I said nothing. We watched as girls got back stage not dream chasing at all, just with the entourage. In other words (girls trying to get to the artist but first went through the crew). Nothing like band aids (ALMOST FAMOUS REFERENCE).
The disappointment set in for me. I thought the day was suckie and hot. I joined the crowd in the pit (excited I got to experience that). RL Grime was on the stage and myself and CoCo Louie lost our minds. He killed it and got me in a great mood. People were grinding, twerking, turning up, throwing water and jumping as a unit. Chance the rapper hits the stage and he kills it. I mean he lit the stage up. I was super hyped and sad. In the end watching those artist on stage made me say ‘got damn it when you have a dream in life don’t give up. It will never be easy but believe in the struggle’. SO TO MY DREAMERS KEEP DREAMING. TO TRILLECTRO I WILL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. AND TO SOMEONE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO READ THIS THANK YOU.
Sincerely, the lotus covered in Mud 

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